It started with a cup of LiShan Oolong, an aroma cup and an idea. Brother and sister team Jeff and Heidi Chen put their professional talents (designer, PR guru) together with their insatiable love for oolong tea, and magic was made. Born and raised in Taiwan, where tea is an important part of the culture, Jeff and Heidi think tea is more than a drink—it’s an adventure. Tea Ave reflects their shared values and passions: clear, authentic advice, a top-notch e-commerce experience, and, of course, delicious oolong tea.


What is oolong? Oolong, from the plant Camellia sinensis, is a partially oxidized tea that is gently shaken and bruised before it is laid to dry in the sun and then shaped and roasted. Depending on region, processing and roasting, oolong tea can vary greatly in character, ranging from light and floral to rich and creamy to full-bodied and nutty. Tea Ave offers both straight oolongs and scented oolongs, all 100% fresh and natural, with no sprays or artificial flavorings.

Why oolong? We decided to focus on oolong because—well, it’s our favorite. We love the sweet, honeyed flavor of a good cup of Oriental Beauty, the fruity, floral creaminess of a good cup of LiShan. We source our teas directly from tea farms in the mountainous regions of Taiwan, where the terroir makes it one of the best places in the world for growing tea. We created Tea Ave as a place for tea lovers around the world to buy oolong online.

New to oolong? Welcome—we’re here to guide you through your oolong adventure. Look around. Stay awhile. Read about how to brew oolong tea or browse our most popular products. We offer loose teas and tea bags, as well as tea infusers, tea pots, and other tea accessories.

Already an oolong aficionado? We’re glad you’re here. We consider Tea Ave a haven for people who love oolong and want to take their tea adventure to a new level. Explore away.

Questions? Ask away. Comments? By all means, share them. We’re movers and shakers, always adapting, discovering, and listening to what our customers want to taste next—and making Tea Ave the best it can be.

Happy brewing.