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Treat Yourself (+ Your Loved Ones) to Tea of the Month Cape Jasmine Oolong!

Even if your friends and family have never tasted our newest Tea of the Month, Cape Jasmine Oolong, we think they might just fall in love. So the timing couldn’t be more perfect: It’s 15% off until December 31, which means you’ve still got time to place those holiday orders for the tea lovers and soon-to-be tea lovers among your friends and family. (And if you want to make friends, a good-looking tea tin or infuser mug packaged with some Cape Jasmine Oolong is a pretty good way.)

Why is Cape Jasmine Oolong perfect for the holidays? For one, it’s prepared using the ancient method, meaning the tea absorbs the flower fragrance during the baking progress, producing a scented tea that’s aromatic and flavorful without using any additives or chemicals. It’s good for you and delicious.

But it’s also because Cape Jasmine Oolong has a clean, aromatic floral scent, and its flavor is slightly sweet with just a hint of spice.

Shop Cape Jasmine Oolong and get 15% off through the end of the month. (Psst … now is also a good time to pick up a gift for yourself. Hey, you deserve it.)

Did you know?

We have steeping instructions on our website as well as our packaging. Take a look for specific info on how to steep your Cape Jasmine Oolong to perfection whether you’re using a gaiwan, tea pot, or cold brew method. 


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