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Top Three Reasons We Love Our Latest Tea of the Month

Happy July! This month we’re celebrating summer with our latest Tea of the Month, Rose Oolong. Why do we love Rose Oolong so much? Here are our top three reasons:

  1. It’s all natural. Rose Oolong is prepared using the ancient method – which means that the tea leaves absorb the flower fragrance during baking, making it 100% natural and chemical-free.
  1. It has real rose petals in it. When you open your first package of Rose Oolong, you’ll see gorgeous strips of red and pink mixed in with the green tea leaves. Those are real rose petals – no shortcuts here.
  1. It smells – and tastes – awesome. Rose Oolong is made with a base of one of our best-loved oolongs, Alishan Jin Xuan. Rose petals add delicate, floral notes to a rich, sweet, earthy oolong taste.

We were happy to learn that you guys agree, too: We always love getting positive feedback, and it’s been awesome to see so many stellar reviews for Rose Oolong. Some of our faves:


I was surprised at the juxtaposition of the extremely light sunflower hue of the brew and the powerful yet subtle flavor! I will be buying this tea again and again and again!

– Hannah B.


This oolong is also amazingly fresh, like I'm nibbling on fresh rose petals. A must have oolong for floral tea lovers!

– Anonymous


Want to try it for yourself? Rose Oolong is 15% off through the month of July, which means that you’ve got plenty of time to:

-host a tea ceremony complete with gaiwan and aroma cup

-go on a picnic with a cold-brew bottle full of Rose Oolong

-send some oolong-flavored love to your best college bud – who lives across the country

However you choose to drink it, we hope you’re digging it as much as we are.


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