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The Cronut’s Got Nothing on Taiwanese Tea Snacks

The cronut’s got nothing on Taiwanese tea snacks. Ever heard of a Japanese matcha pocket sandwich?

In Taiwan, there are a lot of cafes lining bustling streets in the shopping districts, department stores, and malls.  Most of these cafes offer house-made drinks including coffee, tea, tea infused drinks, tea latte, smoothies, shakes, ice cream and juices. 

Also on the menu? Elaborate brunches and creative desserts ranging including bagels, cakes, waffles, various baked goods, and much more. 

These cafes generate buzz by offering unique drinks or desserts, usually hosting press events prior to the official launch. During the first months after the launch, there’s almost always lines out the doors, full reservation slots, and 90-minute dining time restrictions.

Why all the fuss? Well, tea culture is a huge part of Taiwanese social life, and Taiwanese tea snacks are colorful, delicious, and innovative. Here are some of the snacks that are currently trending in Taiwan, with out-the-door lines of people waiting to get a taste of their innovative sweet treats and drinks.

Here are some cafes in Taiwan that are currently trending with lots of traffic and innovative sweets and drinks.


If you ever plan a visit to Taiwan, stopping in for Taiwanese tea snacks is a must-do. In the meantime, grab some fresh Taiwanese loose tea and brew up some summer-ready cold-brew!


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