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Tea + yoga = a match made in heaven

This week, we’re celebrating one of our favorite activities: yoga. Full of benefits for both mind and body, yoga is a centuries-old tradition that has taken on many forms in the 21st century (acroyoga, anyone?) Bonus: It goes great with tea. There’s something positively healing about an easy yoga session followed by a leisurely cup of your favorite loose leaf oolong. 

According to the American Osteopathic Association, yoga increases cardiovascular and circulatory health as well as strength and flexibility, leading to muscle tone that protects you from injury (and makes you look pretty great, too).

From gentle hatha yoga to challenging bikram or ashtanga, there’s a style of yoga to suit everyone. We’ve collected some of our favorite yoga sources on our new yoga Pinterest board, where we welcome you to come check out yoga tips and facts (and some of our fave workout gear … because, come on, you’ve gotta look good, too). 

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