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Summer Wanderlust + Our Pinterest Boards + Summer Sale End

What do we love (almost) as much as oolong? The great outdoors. So we channeled that into our Pinterest boards, and we had a ton of fun doing it. From the golden sunsets of Malibu to cliff jumping in Cabo, we’ve collected gorgeous pics of the best North American beaches, hiking trails and everything in between. (You’ll notice that we gave Canada a lot of well-deserved love.)

Some of our favorite locations to pack a bottle of cold-brewed oolong and begin an epic road trip:

-The Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park for its idyllic, super-green vistas

-Big Sur, California – rocky beaches, splashing waves, beautiful sandy shores. Check out McWay Falls.

-Canyonlands National Park in Utah for its stunning red-rock vistas

-Banff National Park in Alberta – A skier’s paradise, this one’s got it all: towering trees, a turquoise lake, amazing views

-Malibu, California for its epic sunsets and beautiful beaches

-Cabo, San Lucas – Ride horses on the beach at sunset for an unforgettable vacay. There are also sandy beaches (if you prefer relaxing) and cliff-jumping (if you prefer your adrenaline reaching record highs).

-The Pacific Crest Trail – Channel your inner Cheryl Strayed and conquer this gorgeous but demanding hike (OK, we haven’t done it yet, but we swear it’s on our bucket list.)

We also put together a super resource on road trips and camping, too: camping hacks, campfire-meal ideas, how to make a DIY, toxin-free fire starter – and even how to pack your eggs to make sure they don’t break (yes, it’s possible).

Lest you worried that we forgot refreshments – well, we didn’t! We put together a board chock-full of the best tea beverages to take on your journey – whether you prefer matcha or strawberry sweet tea, we’ve got it you covered. (Our personal fave? Cold-brewed oolong, of course.)

Ready for your summer adventure? Don’t forget that everything’s 15% off in July with our Hot Days, Cool Tea Sale. Stock up on tons of refreshing, cold-brew-able oolong teas through July 31 with code SUMMER16.



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