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Squee! Our Newest Tea of the Month Is Here!

Squee! Our Newest Tea of the Month Is Here! 

Our newest Tea of the Month is here, and it’s the exotic, unrivaled Magnolia Oolong. A scented oolong tea with a base of Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong baked with magnolia flowers, Magnolia Oolong is an exotic, light-tasting tea with a sweet flavor and warm floral notes. Even better? Buy some for taste-testing through October 31 and get 15% off! 

The tea’s base, Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong, is harvested from the Alishan Mountains in Nantou, Taiwan, where the rolling fog and special terroir give the tea its super-special creamy quality. Magnolia flowers add a warm floral flavor and scent for an all-natural tea that tastes and smells awesome. We think it’s perfect for sipping in October – or anytime. 

But if you don’t believe us, listen to our reviewers. Ruth G. had this to say about Magnolia Oolong:

I have been taken on a peaceful journey by this tea tonight. Please, please use the aroma cup when you drink it. I am on the fifth steep of the leaves and the aroma cup is still intoxicating me with the lovely floral essence of this tea from the first steep […] If I could, I would scent my sheets with this tea and float away on a dream, I would dab it behind my ears and on my neck and scent my clothes with it. Since I can't do all that, I will sit here and drink it all night, cuddling my aroma cup.

We’re so glad you loved it, Ruth!

Stock up on Magnolia Oolong now while it’s 15% off. Happy sipping!


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