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See Tea Farms From Around the World

Happy September! Did you know that at Tea Ave, we visit tea farms all across Taiwan in order to seek out the freshest, best-quality oolong teas? The opportunity to travel to tea farms ourselves means that we speak to the tea farmers ourselves, sample all of teas that become Tea Ave oolongs, and even see the tea leaves in production as they are rolled and baked in the sun. (It also means we can keep Tea Ave oolongs 100% natural and free of any additives or chemicals.)

All that said, we’re pretty big fans of tea farms. And we know you’re fans of tea. So we thought we’d collect some of our favorite photos of tea farms around the world to give you a glimpse of some of the things we see on our travels. Check them out below!

See the rolling green hills of a LiShan tea farm in Taiwan.
• Explore the manicured greens of a Japanese green tea garden in Wazuka.
• Take in the breathtaking cloud-filled vistas of a tea farm in New Taipei.
• Check out this stunning photo of sunlit tea fields in Boseong, South Korea.
• Breathe in the dreamy, light-filled tea farms in China.
• See the steep, tree-lined mountain tea fields in Darjeeling, India.
• Find out what it looks like when tea is harvested in the bumpy green hills of Nantou, Taiwan.

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