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Ready, Set, Go: It’s Our Hot Days, Cool Tea Sale!

What’s your favorite way to drink cold-brewed tea in the summer?

Pool-side, with your most giant pair of sunglasses?

Or how about on a long, wandering hike through your favorite forest?

Or maybe you keep a bottle of oolong next to you while you’re plucking fresh herbs from the garden for dinner tonight?

However you take your cuppa cold-brew, here’s your chance to stock up your favorite oolong: It’s the beginning of our Hot Days, Cool Tea sale for the rest of July, with absolutely everything 15% off!

Need a Chillaxer Cold-Brew Bottle, to cold-brew your oolong right in the bottle? That’s 15% off.

Tea bags, for easing cold-brewing? Those are 15% off, too. How about some loose-leaf Jasmine Oolong – with a floral scent and earthy flavor that’s perfect for winding you down after a long day? Yup, 15% off.

Use code SUMMER16 to get cool now and receive some bonus free goodies with your purchase.

Bottoms up!

Psst: You can even get 15% off a Tea Ave gift card (case you didn’t notice, that’s like free money). 


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