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It’s Cold Brew Time! + ALL Tea On Sale

It’s Cold Brew Time! + ALL Tea On Sale

Tea lovers, get out your Chillaxer Cold Brew Bottle, because summer’s here. One of our favorite things? Whipping up a refreshing batch of icy, cold-brewed oolong tea. Perfect for taking to: 

-The beach

-The pool

-A forest

-An impromptu road trip up the coast

-A mountain hike

-A secret garden party

-An al fresco book club

-The park (bring your fave novel)

-A campout in your backyard

-Did we mention the beach?

Cold-brewing is easy and good for you: It retains many of the oolong tea’s catechins, which many oolong drinkers seek out for their health benefits. Just place one of our pre-portioned oolong tea bags into 8 oz. of filtered or spring water and brew for up to 8 hours (remove tea bag after 8 hours). Then drink up! 

Even better? ALL of our delicious oolong tea is now 20% off, but only until 6/30. Plus, we’re throwing in a secret, handpicked, summery gift with every order. Want to know what it is? Well, you’ll have to order some oolong.

Grab your oolong here. Happy cold brewing!


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