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Introducing Our New Tea of the Month (and Personal Fave) LiShan Oolong

It’s Tea of the Month time! This month, we’re super excited to bring you one of our personal favorites, LiShan Oolong (LiShan is co-founder and president Jeff’s go-to tea).

LiShan hails from the beautiful LiShan Mountains in Central Taiwan, making it one of the best high mountain oolong teas in the world. It is unroasted, with a smooth, buttery mouthfeel, giving it a unique quality of being both delicate and full-bodied. It’s clean-tasting and vegetal, with a floral taste and aroma with fruit notes (we think it tastes like standing on a mountain feels).

This month, get it loose or in tea bags for 15% off. 

What’s the best way to drink LiShan Oolong?

  • Surrounded by friends and family over a gaiwan
  • With a steaming thermos in a national forest, shrouded by trees
  • During a break from school or work
  • On the couch, wearing a pair of fuzzy socks
  • Bundled up on a rooftop deck, looking at the stars
  • Any of the above 

LiShan is loved by oolong lovers around the world, and we know you’ll love it, too. Already a convert? Stock up this month for 15% off.

Happy sipping!


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