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Happy Thanksgiving From Tea Ave!

We’re so grateful to be celebrating our second Thanksgiving here at Tea Ave, and we’re celebrating in a big way: Through the end of the month, get super-festive deals on tons of oolong – plus BOGO tea bags

(hint: gift one box to a friend and another to yourself.)

Here are a few fun facts about T-day:

  • More than 200 years after the first Thanksgiving, President Abraham Lincoln declared the final Thursday in November as a national day of thanksgiving. Congress finally made Thanksgiving Day an official national holiday in 1941.
  • Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird, not the eagle.
  • Americans eat 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving.
  • Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's first meal in space after walking on the moon was foil packets with roasted turkey.
  • The heaviest turkey on record, according to the Guinness Book of Records, weighs 86 pounds.
  • There are four places in the U.S. named Turkey (but you don’t have to live in one of them to eat one, whew).

Happy Thanksgiving! Shop our Thankfulness Sale until November 30 here.

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