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How to Make a Ginger Lily Oolong Tea Latte

Lately we’ve been hit with unstoppable cravings for tea lattes. There’s something about the combination of aromatic ginger, earthy oolong, and creamy frothed milk that makes it the perfect winter pick-me-up.

So we tinkered around in the kitchen and figured out the best way to make something that smells amazing and tastes even better. Best of all? It can be adapted based on your preferences, to consistently delicious results.

You’ll need:

1 teabag or 2.5 tablespoons loose Ginger Lily Oolong

8 oz water

8 oz dairy or nondairy milk (skim or 2% froths best)

Honey or other sweetener to taste

To make your tea latte: 

Add 2.5 tablespoons of loose Ginger Lily Oolong to your steeper. Add 8 ounces of hot water, followed by the sweetener of your choice to taste – approximately 1 tbsp. (we like honey, but raw sugar or agave syrup would also work well). Stir the tea, water, and sweetener together until combined.

Next, froth 8 ounces of milk in your frother. We used 2% organic milk, but we think almond milk, cashew milk, or soy would work wonders, too. Don’t own a frother? No worries. Use this handy little trick: Pour your (cold) milk into a mason jar, leaving some room at the top. Screw on the lid and shake it hard for 30 – 60 seconds, until it appears frothy. Remove the lid, and them microwave the milk for 30 seconds (this will stabilize the froth).

Pour the tea from the steeper into a large mug (remember, it’s going to hold 16 ounces of deliciousness!) Pour the frothed milk in, using a spoon to hold back the foam until all of the milk has mixed with the steeped tea. Top with the foam and consume immediately, before your roommate/brother/cubemate/thirsty friend comes by and claims that they “accidentally” got it confused with their regular coffee. Suuuuure.

Other ways to amp up your tea latte? Candy some ginger to use as a garnish, or whip up a batch of DIY ginger syrup to sweeten your drink with (we think it’d also be pretty good drizzled over some Longan Oolong Tea Cakes at your next afternoon tea).

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How do you take your tea lattes? Tell us in the comments below!


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