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Oolong + Love = The Perfect Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day first became associated with love in the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. For centuries since then, lovers of all stripes have celebrated romance by giving each other gifts and declaring their love. 

But for everyone out there who’s gifting their special person a Biometric Briefcase, there’s someone else who has no idea how to express their love. And so for those of you who aspire to go beyond a heart-shaped chocolate box (nothing against chocolate … seriously, we love chocolate) we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite stuff that we think your valentine will adore: Get 10% off our Happy Cup and Saucer and Zen Mug, plus 15% off all tea bags. Bonus: Purchase 100 grams of any loose tea, and we’ll throw in 25 grams for free! 

We’re also offering 20% off our Essential Tea Pot and Classic Mug, as well as other free surprise goodies with purchase and free shipping on orders over $40 CAD. (If that’s not cause to celebrate true love, we’re not sure what is.) We think a relaxing tea ceremony for two or a pretty package with a classic mug and your favorite oolong is just the ticket to a happy happy Valentine’s Day (let’s be honest: nobody wants a briefcase for Valentine’s Day, no matter how biometric). 

Other ways to show your love? Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Write your sweetie a love letter – the old-fashioned kind, with pen and paper (and you thought learning cursive was a waste of time).

Mat and frame a memento from your time together: a movie stub from your first date, or a train ticket from a trip you took together.

Plan a scavenger hunt: Leave clues (or mementos, for you overachievers) around the house and lead your lover to a surprise at the end (we’re thinking bubble bath).


How do you plan to celebrate this Valentine’s Day?



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