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8 Reasons You Should Buy Mom Floral Tea For Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Here are eight reasons floral tea is a top-notch choice for Mom.

  1. It smells amazing – and tastes even better.
  2. It’s 100% natural.
  3. It’s made using the ancient method, which means flower petals are baked alongside drying tea leaves, producing a flavorful tea that’s totally free of fake flavors or additives.
  4. She has enough sweaters.
  5. It goes perfect with a Gaiwan or a Tea Ave Aroma Tea Set.
  6. It can be brewed hot or cold.
  7.  Everyone loves flowers!! Everyone. 
  8. It’s 30% off … and you get a free gift with your order! (Give it to Mom or keep it for yourself. We won’t tell.)

Shower her with love (and tea) this Mother’s Day and get 30% off your order plus a free handpicked gift. No code needed; good through May 14.

Browse sweet (just like Mom) floral oolong teas now. 

Happy Mother’s Day!





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