Sips and Steeps

Announcing Our Season's Steepings Holiday Sale Event

Hold the eggnog: This year you’ll be stocking stuffings with Cape Jasmine Oolong and leaving a box of LiShan Oolong next to Santa’s cookies. Why? Because we’re holding our biggest sale event of the year. We couldn’t be more excited to help you pick out the perfect gift for everyone on your list. From tea enthusiasts to those who have never picked up a gaiwan, oolong tea makes an excellent gift for everyone on your list (especially your hard-to-please uncle). 

In the spirit of giving, we’re offering a free box of tea bags when you purchase two. (Shhhh…we promise not to tell if you gift it to yourself).

We’re also offering 25% off select teaware such as our best-selling Classic Mug and Essential Tea Pot, as well as big discounts on loose oolong tea:

10% off 50 grams of loose tea

20% off 100 grams of loose tea

25% off 150 grams of loose tea 

Buy 2 Get 1 free event on all tea bags, don't forget to name what you want on the check out page, or else you can let us surprise you!

(Hint: the more you buy, the bigger the discount). 

And, as always, orders over $40 ship free – perfect for knocking out your entire list in one fell swoop. Plus, all orders include three free samples, and our snazzy Tea Ave Saver Tin is included on tea orders over 100 grams.



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