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How to Use Tea at Your Next Party: Our Fave Drink Recipes

November is here, which means that the entertaining season has officially begun. From holiday cocktail hours to cozy tea ceremonies with friends to balmy outdoor gatherings (we’re looking at you, L.A.), we’ve got the rundown of the best ways to give your favorite drinks a little oolong love.

Like a little tequila with your tea? We’ve even got instructions on how to infuse your alcoholic beverage of choice with earthy oolong flavors. 

Best for Tea Ceremonies with Friends

For laid-back, informal tea sessions with friends, we love brewing tea with our gaiwan and then mixing up a little latte magic. (Consider yourself warned: You may have trouble getting rid of your friends after serving these yummy drinks.)

Iced Oolong Latte with Strawberry. Latte + oolong + fresh berries. Yum factor: sky-high.

Matcha Tea Latte. Use your frother for this delish morning treat. Perfect with a side of donuts.

Earl Grey Tea Latte. Who knew that a tea bag, some milk, vanilla syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon would yield such magical results?

Hot Chai Tea Latte. Honey, chai tea and frothed milk combine in this treat that’s perfect for chilly fall days. 

Best for Outdoor Gatherings

For outdoor parties, iced teas, lemonades, and refreshing infusions made with tea, fruit, and vegetables hit the mark. 

Berry Citrus Oolong Sipper. Chockful of antioxidants and other healthy ingredients – but also festive and delicious.

Oolong Cinnamon Iced Tea. Touted by Dr. Oz as metabolism-boosting, this iced tea is flavorful and healthy.

Oolong Lemonade. This lemonade’s sweet and tangy, but with a hit of extra flavor from the oolong tea.

Best for Cocktail Hour

For cocktail hours and holiday parties, up your game with these booze-soaked tea drinks.

Oolong-infused Tequila. Infuse your tequila by steeping with your favorite oolong tea (we recommend one of our scented oolongs) and serve with lime wedges.

Oolong-infused Gin. Same idea – plus a cocktail recipe to use it in.

We hope you enjoy tipping back your new favorite oolong beverage as much as we do. Bottoms up!


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