Sips and Steeps

Bad Situation, Good Tea.


Remember when Gladys Knight sang about making the best of a bad situation? Well, that’s how we feel when we want a hot cup of oolong but we’re stuck without our favorite infusing tools.

Don’t despair, though: It’s possible to defeat adversity to make a tasty cup of tea. Read on for our advice on handling oolong-related emergencies.

Traveling? This one’s a cinch. As we’ve worked to continue growing Tea Ave, we’ve stayed in hotels across Canada, the US, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and each of them had a single-brew hot water dispenser for coffee. To brew oolong, simply dispense all the hot water into your cup before submerging your tea leaves (remember to pack your infuser, or bring along some of our handy tea bags). Let the water cool down a bit to reduce the temperature before infusing.

Kitchen being remodeled? Broken stove? Use an electric tea kettle to get hot water and an even infusion. Electric tea kettles can be purchased for less than 15 bucks.

Camping? Good! Oolong tea pairs perfectly with outdoor adventures. Boil your tea water over the fire – carefully! Let it cool down a bit before infusing.

Stuck at work without your gaiwan? There’s nothing like a cup of Lishan Oolong to add a little flavor to that spreadsheet you’re building. If you don’t have your gaiwan handy, use our mug-brew method: Place loose oolong tea leaves in a mug and refill with hot water as you drink it. Tea bags work great here, too. If the hot water dispenser at your workplace is too hot, add a splash of cool water and combine.

And don’t forget: Our Chillaxer Cold Brew Bottle makes brewing tea on the go easy in any situation.

Do you have any tips to add? Let us know your favorite ways to MacGyver a cup of tea in the comments below! 


By Heidi, on

@AC that’s a great idea, if it doesn’t take up too much space to fit the brita water bottle. I also find buying bottle water/ spring water is a great idea, too. It can also be used to cold brew the teas :)

By AC, on

I’ve found water tastes very very different and can make my tea taste gross, even if it’s a tea I love. I’m considering traveling (business travel anyway) with a little brita water bottle or something so I can pre-filter water before heating it up. Has anyone tried this?

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