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We Went to the Emmys – and They Loved Us!

On September 19 we packed up a bunch of oolong tea and teaware and flew to LA, where we attended the Emmys’ pre-show event, Honoring The Emmys® -- and we had an absolute blast! The event was attended by over 100 cast members of Emmy-nominated shows, reached 48 million followers on social media, and received press coverage in outlets like and The Toronto Star.

Tea Ave Emmys

We got to rub elbows with celebrities from shows like Mad Men, Parks and Rec, Silicon Valley, True Detective, and tons more.

Even better: Celebs loved our oolong tea! We cold-brewed all 12 types of oolongs from our current product lineup, and everyone raved about how refreshing and delicious the teas were. Cold-brewed tea is perfect for warm climates like LA (if you’re not lucky enough to live in California, though, we’ve got you covered: Our teas all taste perfectly yummy brewed hot, too!)

Stars like Nolan Gould (Modern Family) and Ian Chen (Fresh Off the Boat) visited our booth to browse our display and sip on oolong with us. Allen Maldonado (from the Emmy-nominated Blackish) in particular dug our teas and loved hearing Jeff explain what exactly Tea Ave is up to. Jason Alexander (of Seinfeld fame) even stopped by – and enjoyed taking a whiff of our delicious loose tea!

(We’d tell you who has the most refined palate … but we swore we wouldn’t give away Hollywood’s secrets.)

We were so honored to represent the tea community as part of the event, and we hope that our message about the yumminess of top-notch oolong tea travels the country from here. From its artisan roots to exceptional flavor to health benefits, we’re thinking that oolong tea just might be the new drink du jour of Hollywood.

Now we’re back home in Vancouver, continuing our mission of seeking out the most delicious teas we can find – and bringing them to you. The glitz and glamour might be over – for now – but the fun continues.

In the comments below, tell us which varieties of tea you’d like to nominate for Most Outstanding Oolong. 


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