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Tea Ave at the Emmys

On September 20, Hollywood’s best and brightest will gather at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards. Recognizing excellence in the television industry, the Emmy Awards have been given out in the Hollywood area since 1949. The 2015 Emmy Primetime Awards feature shows and actors appearing on American television between June 1 and May 31. The ceremony will be held on September 20 at the Microsoft Theatre in downtown Los Angeles and broadcast by Fox.

And we’ll be there with them!

That’s right: We’re so excited to announce that Tea Ave is the featured seller of the Emmys’ pre-show event, Honoring the Emmys®, which means that we get to introduce lucky celebs to our yummy tea and our supercool teaware. We’ll be including samples of some of our favorite loose leaf teas, as well as introducing them to some of our favorite products, including the Chillaxer and the Aroma Cup Set

We’re psyched to have the chance to promote Tea Ave’s oolong tea, as well as the rituals of tea culture. We can’t decide if we’re more excited to talk about the rich, earthy flavors of oolong tea, or to show people that it’s possible to brew iced tea right in the bottle. Or maybe we’re most pumped to answer questions about why Taiwan, where all of Tea Ave’s oolongs hail from, has the best mountainous terroir in the world for growing fragrant, delicious oolong tea. Like we said, we can’t decide.

And who knows? Maybe if we’re lucky, soon we’ll see a photo of Jon Hamm sipping a cup of Alishan Xin Juan Oolong in People


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