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If you needed another reason to enjoy your daily cup of oolong, how about stress relief, increased mindfulness, and a more positive outlook? By introducing tea meditations into your daily schedule, you’ll find that you’re soon on the way to a calmer, happier, and more zen you.           

Tea and meditation go hand in hand. Meditation calms and clears the mind, giving you an increased ability to concentrate on the present. We suggest practicing a short tea meditation to start off your day, when you need a break from work or other stressors, or to wind down after a long day.

Morning tea meditation helps to awaken you slowly and present a clear mindset to start your day with. A hot cup of tea helps you awaken mentally and reminds you of your desire to live mindfully and give your mind and body the energy it needs. Five to ten minutes of “me time” in the morning sets the stage for the day ahead.

Afternoon tea meditation is perfect for taking a pause between those piles of documents or meetings that seem to stretch on forever—and help you recharge for the rest of the day.

Evening tea meditation is our favorite. Try taking ten minutes to concentrate on the process of brewing and drinking your favorite oolong. Put your phone away and shut your laptop: Simplicity is the goal here. Paying attention to one action at a time will allow you to free yourself from life’s other distractions. Bonus: Afterward, you’ll feel so relaxed that you’ll be primed for a night of sweet dreams.

How to Begin Your Tea Meditation Ritual

Start with a good loose leaf tea. A high-quality, fragrant tea will lend your tea meditation maximum refreshment (we like straight oolongs because of their delicious natural aromas).

Get your water boiling. While you’re waiting, take a deep breath. Listen to the water boil and watch the bubbles begin to roil. Realize that the noisy world outside can be quiet for just a little while.

Steep your tea. This step will depend on your teaware and personal preference. While you’re waiting, breathe deeply and enjoy the aromas that slowly arise from your cup. Enjoy watching the tea leaves unfurl, or simply close your eyes and enjoy the peacefulness of the moment. Focus on the here and now.

Pour. Remove the infuser or tea leaves and pour the tea into another cup. Take a moment or two to feel the tea’s temperature in a mug or small tea cup. Smell the aroma of the tea leaves and the tea itself, and observe what the tea looks like and what color it is. Appreciate the moment, perhaps taking time to think about how far the cup of tea traveled to get to you.

Drink. Take a small sip. Notice the tea’s temperature. Notice how the body of the tea feels in your mouth. Take note of any lingering afternotes after you’ve taken two or three sips. Are you relaxed yet?

Practicing tea meditation will help you enjoy the present moment and appreciate the little things. Begin your tea meditation practice and feel the difference: Not only does meditation allow you to live in the present, it also releases stress and transforms negative energy into positive.


Happy sipping!





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