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If you’ve spent any time browsing the deep, dark corners of the internet for your next oolong fix, you know that there are a lot of options out there. Trust us. We’ve been there, too. But we want to spend a moment urging you to buy from a reputable tea dealer (okay, us) instead of direct from Taiwan. We think our list of reasons is pretty convincing, and if you’re willing to lend us an ear, we think you’ll think so, too. 

First and foremost, we care about quality. I mean, we really care. So much so that we’ve traveled to Taiwan many, many times with our head of procurement—who has over thirty years of experience—and met tons of tea farmers right on their farms. We buy our tea directly from them, and we make sure that all of our vendors have the HACCP and SGS credentials we’re looking for (Health Analysis & Critical Control Points and Société Générale de Surveillance). Plus, we have quality control measures in place to ensure transparency and consistency in our teas.

We’ve spent a long time tasting, learning about, and researching tea. Three years, actually—and that doesn’t count the many years we spent as tea lovers before that. Not only are we experts in North America’s tea market, but also Taiwan’s. We seek out like-minded locals to work with—people who share our values, beliefs, and incredibly high standards for tea. 

We scour the world for the best teas and teawares—so you don’t have to. There are a lot of choices out there. Some great tea, and some not-so-great tea. We’ve worked hard to find the most flavorful, high-quality pure and scented oolongs out there, as well as the best-looking, most durable, and most useful tea accessories. No more trial and error. We’ve done the work for you (hey, it’s our job).

We stand behind our products. We have a satisfaction guarantee, and we also make our best effort to serve our customers in whatever way we can—whether you’ve bought from us six days ago or six months ago.

Our QC process ensures that all of our oolongs come weighted in grams or with 20 pouches to the box, with PLA materials made in Germany. From tea tags to strings to pouches, we always follow the highest food safety standards out there. 

Shipping’s a breeze. We’re headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, with easy shipping to Canada and the continental U.S. Shipping is fast and secure.

We give freebies! Every order ships with additional samples of tea, hand-selected based on what we think you’ll like.

We want to be your go-to for tea, teaware, and all things oolong. Stop by to replenish your tea supply, buy tea goodies and other accessories, or share your thoughts with other tea lovers.


Happy sipping!


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