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The Benefits of Drinking Tea – and Why WE Drink It

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve got a pretty good idea that tea tastes awesome. We think so, too – especially oolong tea, which is our favorite. We love its complex, earthy undertones and delicate, nuanced aromas and flavors so much that we created a whole company devoted to it!

But there’s more to the story.

Tea is an important way to celebrate Asian culture. In Taiwan, when people have dim sum (Hong-Kong style brunch), tea is an important part of the meal.

Tea is a lifestyle and a way to connect with family and friends. In the afternoons, young people hang out in tea shops. Every corner you turn has a tea bar, with offerings ranging from traditional to trendy. We love meeting up with friends over a cup of tea. Older members of the community greet guests in their home with a Gong Fu tea session and Taiwanese snacks.

Tea preparation is a valuable ritual. Performing the ritual of an afternoon tea preparation calms and centers us. 

Tea perks us up without bringing us down. Tea has less caffeine in it than coffee, so we can indulge without worrying about harm to our nervous system. With caffeine levels between those of green tea and black tea, oolong has just the right amount.

Tea is versatile. It plays a starring role in everything from bubble tea to smoothies to trendy tea-flavored pastries.

Tea is hydrating and good for your health. Tea has a wealth of health benefits, including helping protect you from a stroke or heart attack, protecting your bones, and boosting your immune system. It may even help you lose weight! (Source:

Now, you tell us: Why do you drink tea?


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