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March’s Tea of the Month: Alishan Jin Xuan

March’s Tea of the Month: Alishan Jin Xuan

Happy March! We’re tickled to announce that our new Tea of the Month is Alishan Xin Juan Oolong (and we bet you will be, too – Alishan Xin Juan is our best-selling tea!) An elegant tea with a fruity, floral taste and smooth, creamy mouthfeel that gives it its “milk tea” moniker, we can understand why tea lovers everywhere are gaga for Alishan.

In celebration of this awesome tea, here’s a little bit more information about it that you might not have known. 

Alishan Xin Juan oolong, also known as a “milk oolong,” gets its special “milky” quality – including a recognizable smooth mouthfeel – from the special conditions that it is grown in. This oolong is harvested exclusively from the Alishan mountainside in Chiayi County, Taiwan, on the high-altitude tea farms that the area is known for, among its breathtaking sea of clouds. 

Alishan National Scenic Area is a mountain resort and naturally beautiful area in Taiwan; a must-see for travelers who visit the area. In addition to tea farms, the area is made up of villages, wilderness, scenic waterfalls, hiking trails, and the ancient Alishan Forest Railway.

Alishan is famous for its legendary sunrises, which can be seen between the clouds that arise between Alishan and Yushan. The area was settled in the mid-17th century, during the late years of the Ming dynasty, and in addition to hosting suitable conditions for growing milk oolong, also produces wasabi. Falling at the halfway point of the local rail line, the local town of Fenqihu is known for its special food products such as bamboo shoots and local lunches boxes (Fenqihu bento), once sold on the railway’s passengers. 

Known as “Ali Mountain” to locals, the area requires a winding two-hour ride to reach, but travelers are rewarded with tranquil surroundings and views of the sea of clouds, dense forests with impressive trees, and reflective ponds known as the Sisters’ Ponds. Visitors to this area will quickly see why its special terroir and stunning scenery make it one of the most desirable travel destinations in Taiwan.

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